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The Family Secret is a book about segregation as it affected the last three generations of a white family from the deep South. It was through the Civil Rights Movement of the fifties under Dr. King and others that this very wealthy Christian family was affected along with their children and grandchildren. The book shows how people can believe they are following God in the right way while some of that belief system is seriously flawed and they are blinded thinking that what society believes and accepts as right is very wrong. What is very sad is that these improper teachings were exposed to their children and could have damaged them for life if circumstances had not caused them to leave the deep South and come to the North East. In the North East segregation had been somewhat tempered but it took a while for this tempering to begin reaching down into the soul of this family. Because their children were exposed to different races in the North East, their hearts were opened up to accepting people for who they truly were. This came through schooling and other good influences which could not have been brought about by the wrong influences of the southern culture that they were born in.

The story also shows that as Christians, our belief system can be incorrect even though we are trying hard to follow God to the best of our ability. This is why God left his word to lead us and guide us into all truth. Sadly, instead of presenting God’s truth, many leaders hold the truths that are traditional (man made). These were picked up through family, church, and educational teachings in school where the truths of the gospel have been veiled. Some of these truths were veiled just a little and others a great deal.

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About the Author

Janice Freeman was born in New York City in the Bronx in 1936. She was the daughter of Ben and Mattye Watson and she grew up with two older brothers.

They moved from New York when she was eleven to a lovely community in New Jersey, and the three children finished a very fine high school there. Because of her high school education she learned to read and love novels, many of which were classical works. This reading opened her up to a love for good films and other classical genre.

She married two years after high school and attended a teacher's training college which prepared her for a training career in banking. She worked for several large banks for over twenty years and had two children. During this time, she also pastored in interdenominational church for over fifteen years. In her later years, she received a Master's Degree in Special Education and continued teaching. She then went into business for several years and finally retired in her 70s. After retiring, she moved in with her daughter and her family and she has been with her daughter's family for the last ten years. She finished the book at their home at eighty years old.

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